Red Acroporas

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Red Acroporas are an unusual sight, both in reef aquariums and in the Earth’s natural reefs.  The small colony pictured above was grown in captivity from a tiny fragment and has developed some amazing pigments.  The red coloration is difficult to attain in stony corals but worth the effort; it adds a splendid focal point to reef aquariums and is a favorite of many aquarists.  This coral is hardy, grows relatively fast under proper conditions, and will hold its color well if parameters are kept on point; it needs low phosphates and stable alkalinity, as well as optimal water quality.  It is a tabling type of Acropora and does best under bright light and strong random flow and circulation, in nature, it usually grows high up on the reef slopes.  It generally develops some green pigments in the base branches, but can also remain completely red, and the growth tips can appear white when actively growing.  I believe this coral is a Acropora Hyacinthis, which is abundant on our natural reefs, but the red coloration of this specimen is quite rare and makes it a unique and very beautiful.


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