RedFin’s Giant Concept Aquarium

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Check out this incredible new concept aquarium from Hong Kong’s RedFin Aquarium Design! With a 26’ x 26’ footprint and an estimated cost of 1.9 million dollars, this isn’t your average reef tank, but it sure is a sight to behold – from two sides, as well as from above.

redfin aquarium

In an interview with Style Magazine, RedFin managing director James Bruce explained that the concept includes a spiral staircase which connects to a transparent glass floor above the tank, supported by treated metal beams. The two acrylic windows will be nearly 8 inches thick, and all the corals and rockwork will be artificial. As James states, “The coral and rock decoration will be handcrafted from special materials that do not pollute salt water while being able to retain their bright colors for many years.”

redfin aquarium

Once constructed, the aquarium will be filled with livestock from RedFin’s partner, Hong Kong-based Exotic Aquaculture, who guarantees that all animals are sustainably collected. “We will focus on schools of brightly coloured fish which are mesmerising to watch as they move around the tank in big groups,” says James. “The large size of the tank will also allow us to add some interesting options, including small species of shark, stingrays and puffer fish.”

In case you’re considering a giant home aquarium of your own, here is a handy breakdown of estimated costs:

Aquarium – Acrylic sides and glass top $1.5 million
Site Preparation & Installation $198,000
Filtration Room & Equipment $94,000
Artificial Coral & Theme: $74,300
Lighting / Computer Control System: $49,500

RedFin also does aquarium maintenance, and James recommends hiring a professional aquarist to oversee operations, including diving in the tank twice a week to clean the acrylic, glass, and decorations.

To learn more about RedFin, visit their website HERE.

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