Reef A Palooza California 2019 Coverage: Part 1

by | Aug 21, 2019 | Events, Video | 0 comments

ReefAPalooza California was just few days ago and boy, did they do an outstanding job putting things together!

I have divided the video into 2 parts. The first part shows off all the eye candy, toys, and equipment, and some brilliant booths that really just captivated and engaged with people that were there. Check out the video and let me know which products and booth impressed you the most!

Stay tuned for the second video coming out tomorrow!

  • Afishionado

    Afishionado : a person who likes, knows about, and appreciates a usually fervently pursued interest or activity. (In this case, fish, corals and reef keeping). We are group of passionate hobbyists who are all about educating, creating innovative contents and providing eye popping visuals for hobbyists of all levels.


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