As technology advances, cellphones have become extremely popular method to take pictures and videos of our aquariums and its inhabitants. Whether we are showing off our new additions, documenting the growth of our animals, or collecting reference pictures to ask for help, it’s undeniable that these devices play a big role in our hobby.

Following and listening to the needs of the hobbyists, during ReefAPaloozaNY, Polyplab (creators of Reef Roids food) released a gel filter package for cell phones. In my personal opinion, they have gone above and beyond to create a kit that will capture the colors of the corals as accurately as possible given the limitation of filters. In the kit, you will find a 10000k filter and a different shade of 15000k filter to adjust to your light as needed, as well as a 10x macro lens filter for close up macro photography or zoom up shots to identify a problem with our corals.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

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