Reef A Palooza NY 2018 : Chris Turnier

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Reef A Palooza is not just a place for people to come and buy corals. Show organizers work tirelessly to bring various different types of speakers of national level to engage and to educate hobbyists so that they can either integrate what they learn into their own personal system(s) or in this case, make us aware and conscious of what is going on around the world and how our hobby is in potential danger. Chris Turnier is a inspiration to me personally as he’s an extremely creative, positive person that oozes with knowledge and passion as well as experience of this hobby. To clarify, he’s someone who’s been in the industry for several decades and he has practically seen it all. In his talk during ReefAPaloozaNY, he took us on the journey that he’s been he’s been on throughout the years from sustainably mariculturing and harvesting corals in Fiji to running a wholesale facility in California to his current position of managing the internet sales at coral farm of World Wide Corals, and he shared his passion for and experience of this hobby. He also shared his observation of trends that started from a colony-dominated hobby to the frag-dominated hobby of today and offers his insights.

Check it out.

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