Reef A Palooza Orlando 2023 Speaker – Keri O’Neil

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It’s not easy to do speaker videos because the sheer volume of information and time that’s involved in making them, but I was so compelled to make this one because it’s something that’s close to my heart and it’s something that every hobbyists needs to see and know about.
Enter Keri O’Neil . She’s a senior scientist, in charge of The Florida Aquarium ‘s Center for Conservation located in Tampa, Florida. I have had the pleasure of knowing her and watching her make an incredible career out of saving corals from extinction for well over a decade now.
I originally wanted to and did a live stream through‘s youtube channel as it happened but all the PowerPoint slides, information, photos and videos were not shown due to the lights so I decided to film it, and then spend DAYS editing it to do this talk the justice that it deserved.
She covered many interesting topics from what is going on in our reefs in the Florida Reef Tract to dealing with the most devastating disease on reefs that we have seen in our life time and how the hobby is helping scientists to achieve what was once thought to be impossible just less then a decade ago.
Oh and baby corals. The amazing baby corals.
Check out her work here and if you ever wanted to learn how you can legally do coral restoration and be part of the movement?
Watch this video and see if you got what it takes!
Leave comments down below of what you thought of Keri’s work and presentation.
Happy Reefing!

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