Reef Beef – Episode 22 – UV Beef Art

Catch up with Rich’s home lab, Ben’s clients, and an interview with Michelle Albright from BombChelle Creations

Michelle Albright is a UV Florescent artist who specializes in creating aquatic themed art to mount above aquariums. She has been a saltwater hobbyists for 10 years and currently has a 125 gallon mixed reef and a couple small freshwater tanks. Not only is she an artist but she’s also a registered nurse in her home town of Anchorage Alaska. When she’s not working her day job, she is doing art for her business, BombChelle Creations and working as the art director for Aquashella.

Time Stamps
00:00:00 Intro
00:00:45 We Won an Award!
00:01:24 Rich’s tanks & citric acid
00:10:09 Ben’s Client’s Tank
00:13:26 Rich’s tank revival
00:13:55 Clients want instant results
00:16:42 SPONSOR: PolypLab
00:20:17 Michelle Albright of BombChelle Creations
00:46:37 Wrap Up
00:48:42 Bloopers

Originally posted here: Episode 22 – UV Beef Art

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