Reef Inspiration for Lego Fans

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Here in the UK, fans of Lego, both old and young, are hoping Santa will come through this year with some fantastic sets from their favorite plastic building block company, and I suspect it’s the same on the US side of the Atlantic. I was surprised to find out just how popular Lego is with adults, with websites, magazines, and conventions celebrating the wondrous little blocks. If you or your offspring are Lego fans, here’s some inspiration from a few years back.


Back in 2014 at a pet trade show in Europe, I was chatting with contacts from the UK’s Tropical Marine Centre. They had a great display, but I hadn’t expected that they would have Lego. If I recall correctly, the display was put together by Lego-certified professionals from Bright Bricks, and they’d done a wonderful job, though I’m sure they had far more pieces and colors than I did in my day. I don’t even remember having green bricks, let alone ones that look just like sea grass.


Despite my ‘you had to use your imagination for real’ grumblings, I loved the easily recognizable fishes, from lionfish to clowns, emperor angels to boxing shrimp. Imagine my surprise then when I found they were available to buy as sets: yay! I should add that I’ve been strongly and vocally letting my family know that I’ve been asking Santa for a set for some time, but as yet he has not delivered.


look closely, there’s Spongebob in there!

The sets are available online here:


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