Reef Kids: Coral Restoration Foundation Activity Packs

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Free to the public and aligned with Florida’s State Standards, these educational resources/ activity packs can enrich the curriculum for all students from grades K through 12! There are six different lessons, and I definitely recommend you try them all! Here’s a snippet of the first one:

Appetizing Acropora

Objective: Students will be introduced to the parts of a coral polyp by creating an edible model

Overview: This interdisciplinary activity actively encourages students to think about what is a coral, how coral reefs are formed, and the relationship between zooxanthellae and their hosts. This activity has the ability to have a long-term impact on both corals and ocean stewardship at large, giving the students understanding of this organism and a chance to help save our reefs. This activity can be adapted to a single day o longer, with the inclusion compare/contrast with other Cnidarians, math and language art extensions.

Some images from the pack:

Pretty great, right? Each pack is very unique and interesting. Check them out, and let me know what you think in the comments below!

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