Reef Kids: Project O’s Virtual Summer Camp

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Project Oceanology’s mission since 1972 has been to nurture interest and inspire enthusiasm for science and for our planet’s marine environment from their waterfront facility in Groton, Connecticut. To that end, and to meet the needs of families all over the world that are quarantining and socially distancing, the school is holding online summer camps for children. Check them out:

Research Experience at Home

2 Week Virtual Camp for Campers Entering Grades 7 – 12

Are you interested in a career in science? Project Oceanology’s Research Experience from Home is a unique opportunity for students to participate in authentic scientific research experiences by designing and conducting their own outdoor research projects – all from their own neighborhood! Staff and students will build a close-knit virtual community and forge connections as they design, conduct, and troubleshoot experiments, and analyze and communicate their results. We’ll provide one-on-one and small group mentorship, and work with you to make sure your project is fun, interesting, and relevant. Project O will send materials and scientific equipment to you by mail, and we’ll take advantage of our geography to compare findings between hometowns. The experience will include a live 1.5-hour meeting each day for activities, discussion, and sharing, plus independent research work and small group meetings with Project O mentors.

Explorer Academy at Home

1 Week Virtual Camp for Campers Entering Grades 3 – 6

Explore Long Island Sound from your home, through a series of fun, engaging, hands-on activities! You’ll receive a box of supplies at the beginning of the week and then meet live with our educators in google classroom for 1.5 hours as they lead you through a series of scientific experiments, explorations, craft projects, and games. Includes follow-up activities that can be done in your backyard or your kitchen. This camp is designed to be entertaining and interactive – we hope you join us on this adventure!

Please Note: Project O will be sending materials and science equipment to campers by mail. Delivery time varies by location so please allow plenty of time to ensure materials arrive prior to camp. You can reach them at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Stay safe out there! And if you have other resources you’d like me to share with our community, please email me at [email protected]

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