Reef Kids: “The Fish Who Wanted to Dance With the Stars”

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Children’s author Barbara Pinke has created some absolutely delightful reading for the picture book-aged crowd! Her latest offering, “The Fish Who Wanted to Dance With the Stars” shares the story of Pesho, who dreams of dancing with the stars in the beautiful night sky. But no one believes that the stars will dance with a fish like Pesho. At first, the little fish feels worried and uncertain. But when Pesho’s mom reminds him that anything is possible, he realizes he shouldn’t give up on his dream!

In 2022, it was both a B.R.A.G. Medallion honoree and a Royal Dragonfly Book Award winner.

She is also the author of two other ocean-themed children’s books!

1.“The Fish and the Underwater Bird”: Seaya is a proud collector of pebbles, shells, and corals, but she isn’t expecting this mystery treasure. Calling on the other fish in the ocean, Seaya searches for answers.
What ticking, tocking treasure has Seaya really discovered?




2. “Underwater ABC”: Discover the underwater world while learning your ABCs! This beautifully illustrated underwater-themed alphabet book appeals to young children, engaging them throughout. Fun and educational – As well as enjoying the bright illustrations, children will learn fun facts too!





There are a few other great books on her website, as well as lots of engaging, educational printables, which are available for free once you register for the (also free!) membership.

Check them out and tell me what you think!

About the author: Barbara loves to create stories, spicing them up with travels, adventures and fun, especially if it comes with discovering new places and food. She likes to go on Magilicious Journeys! She was born and raised in Hungary and later moved around in Europe. She enjoyed her time in the different countries – there is where her ideas come from. She currently lives in Germany with her family.

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