We’ve all experienced power outages and blips in service, so we can all related to just how much of a problem they create for our aquariums. Lights power off, protein skimmers stop functioning, and water pumps go into a clicking frenzy once power has been restored. Protein skimmers can be particularly troublesome after a power outage, as they have a tendency to overflow and dump all of their contents back into the aquarium. Fortunately for these situations, Reef Octopus has a very helpful new product. When the power goes out, return pumps obviously quit pushing water into the display tank, often flooding the sump with a significant amount of water. If the protein skimmer were to fire up right away, it would operate in a water depth that falls way outside the manufacturer’s suggested depth, which will likely cause the skimmer to behave erratically and overflow. MORE: Reef Octopus Auto Time Delay Keeps Skimmers Running Smoothly After Power Outages

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