One of most anticipated part of any reefing shows and convention is FREE raffles. Yes, you heard right. There were free raffles during the show. Continuing their hot streak from the Reef A Palooza Orlando show, Current USA teamed up with Piscine Energetics (Makers of PE Mysis and Calanus) to give away one heck of a prize! An all in one system, sleek Water box aquarium with matching furniture, as well as Current LOOP Pro package, a year’s worth of supply of PE Mysis pellet food annnnnd 50 free frags! YES, 50 free frags! Thousands of dollars worth of products and livestock were bundled up to give one lucky hobbyist a day that they will not forget. Hundreds of people lined up for this event. Yet another great reason to come to Reef A Palooza. Big kudos to Current USA and Piscine Energetics for coming together to give such an amazing package back to the hobbyists!


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