Reef Savvy: “We Give Tanks. To Give Thanks. To Help Kids Live.”

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10672397_713360322052219_799668907009286212_n“100G of Bliss, Crated and Shipped to your door!”. Felix Bordon of Reef Savvy is at it again, donating a Reef Savvy™ 100Gg Limited Edition RedBottom Aquarium with all the bells and whistles to fight the good fight against childhood cancer. Better yet, this time around he’s coming in with backup – ten+ reputable vendors (so far) generously donating their top products to be raffled off for the cause. This makes this the “best and most complete raffle ever in our industry”! Among the donors are Larry’s Reef Services, offering up a one year supply of food (12) packages, 6 packs of Seaweed and an LRS T-Shirt shipped to your door, Orphek, throwing in Two Atlantik Pendant WiFi, Router & 7″ Android Tablet, along with an Azurelite Flashlight, and High Def Corals with a $250 box of corals overnighted to your door. Fluid Dynamics International will install the winning recipient’s tank to anyone in the Tristate area completely gratis. Really incredible donations right there, and that’s merely the beginning of them.

Since this isn’t the first time Reef Savvy has participated in the St. Jude Give Thanks Walk, I reached out to Felix to see how the event turned out last year, and their hopes for this year.

Last year we set a $10,000.00 goal and donated a 50g cube aquarium. We ended up raising over $15,000.00 in a short period of time, I would say in less than a month. This year we’ve doubled our goal, we have 46 days left and that prize is bigger and better in every way, not to mention that many more vendors are participating this year as well.

Over $15,000 is really incredible, and I think we can definitely help them reach their goal this year. Raffle tickets are $10 each, and you receive one free for every ten you purchase. All ticket purchases will be made in the form of a donation, and you will receive an email confirmation as well as a ticket number. The raffle drawing will be Thanksgiving Day, November 27, 2014 at 7:00 PM, with tickets being sold up until 12:00 PM day of. The drawing of the lucky winning ticket will be filmed and posted on Reef Savvy’s Facebook Page. So for a mere $10 you can help a family in need. Donors like you make sure families never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food. In addition, St. Jude always freely shares the breakthroughs they make. Every child saved at St. Jude is an opportunity for doctors and scientists worldwide to utilize that knowled
ge and save countless more children. This is a cause I certainly won’t hesitate to donate towards, though I would never allow Felix to let me win!

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