Reef Suds: A new “aquarium safe” soap

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Reef Suds: A new "aquarium safe" soap

Reef Suds

Reef Suds supplied their press release to Advanced Aquarist


A New Product to Ease Aquarium Maintenance Unveiled — “Reef Suds”

November 6, 2013

For all of those hobbyists out there who have scrubbed their hands with warm water for extensive amounts of time or questioned how to get your limbs clean prior to tank maintenance, Jarob Fetters, aquarium enthusiast and founder of Reef Suds, has brought you a solution.

Last week Reef Suds launched their new product, the first aquarium safe hand soap.  The block of suds is all natural and eco-friendly with no additives, artificial colors, or fragrances.  Full of natural course sea salt exfoliants, the 1.5-inch think bar is designed to eliminate unwanted impurities.

After extensively testing the bar for nearly a year now, the Company has come up with a proprietary blend to ensure it is tank safe. Without giving away their secret, they divulge that using an extremely low amount of super fat is key to keep a neutral PH and prevent leftover oil slicks.  The soap has been tested on various reef tanks ranging in size and inhabitants, including the most sensitive of aquariums, SPS tanks.  Some of the tests included pH, ammonia, nitrates, nitrites, phosphates, and TDS; all from both aquarium and pure water samples.

Reef Suds has also announced that $1 from every bar of soap sold will be donated directly to the Coral Restoration Foundation in order to help re-build coral reefs. Founder Jarob Fetters says, “Not only does the aquarium hobby rely on the well being of coral reefs, but we as a society do more than most people realize. I feel it is extremely important to give back to the things you are passionate about. Whether it’s a little or a lot, every bit helps, and we want to make a difference.”

The new product can be pre-purchased on the company’s website The first bars are said to go out in late November. Designed to ease the process of maintaining your aquarium, Reef Suds encourages you to spend more time with your fish tank and less time preparing for it.


Contact Information:
Danielle Murphy
Brand Manager
[email protected]



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