Reef Suds is a New Aquarium Safe Soap

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One of the biggest concerns with aquarium hobbyists is accidentally introducing chemicals and other harmful substances into their precious aquariums. While many of us are aware of these risks of cross-contamination and go to great lengths to clean our hands before getting into our tanks, we have been limited to soap products that aren’t exactly aquarium safe…until now. Reef Suds is a brand new aquarium-safe soap that is all-natural and designed specifically for aquarium hobbyists. It is so safe, in fact, that you can place the soap directly into an aquarium (as pictures), though we don’t recommend it. Expected to launch later this month, each bar of Reef Suds will retail for $9, though there is currently a special introductory price hovering just above $6. And better still, $1 from every bar of soap sold is donated directly to the Coral Reef Alliance. In addition to the soap, Reef Suds is also hoping to build a community around their product. They have already been active on and will start sending out regular newsletters that will include hobby news, tank of the month, coupons, and giveaways. Special thanks to Jarod for sending us this info. MORE: Reef Suds is a New Aquarium Safe Soap

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