Reef Threads Podcast #311

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Gramma dejongi

Gramma dejongi, captive bred and raised by Todd Gardner.

Todd Gardner, MASNA Aquarist of the Year and one of the hobby’s leading marine fish breeders joins us to announce that he is the first person to import, raise, and successfully breed Gramma dejongi. Hear how Todd acquired six of these beautiful fish and his efforts to breed and get larvae to settle. He also talks about his teaching efforts, a generous donation from the Washington Area Marine Aquarium Society, and his success in breeding and raising to market size Rainfordia opercularis, the flathead perch. Don’t miss this exciting show in which Todd shares how he, once again, has made marine fish breeding history. Download the podcast here, or subscribe to our podcasts at iTunes. Also, follow us on Twitter at reefthreads.—Gary and Christine

  • Gary Parr

    Reef Threads is a podcast and blog that discusses the most interesting subjects from the various forums, blogs, and magazines supporting the reef hobby. Reef Threads is produced by Gary L. Parr and Christine Williams Pasagelis, two veteran reef hobbyists.Gary has been keeping aquariums for most of his life, starting with a 1-gal. bowl of guppies. He has kept reef aquariums for the past 15 years. His current tanks are a 65-gal. LPS and leather reef and a 40 breeder that contains azooxanthellate corals. Gary’s other hobby is photography. He specializes in macro photography and currently spends most of his time photographing coral and marine fish. You can see Gary’s work in the Reefs and Animals sections of his website, You can contact Gary at [email protected] Williams started keeping fish while she was still a fetus. While the aqueous environment did lend itself to the hobby, it limited her to freshwater species, and so she decided to be born several weeks early. Through sign language, she demanded that her parents convert her crib into a reef aquarium and thus started her illustrious career in marine ornamentals. After completing her studies in biochemistry and molecular microbiology she went to work at “Animal ER” where unfortunately she was not filmed for the Animal Planet channel (though her feet did make a cameo during a rescue segment). She frequently lectures on reef topics including marine animal disease, fish husbandry, human-tank zoonosis, and fish cognition. Contact Christine at [email protected].

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