Reefapalooza 2019 New York: Corals Part I

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Photographing corals never gets old. They are like human irises in that each individual one is unique, unlike any other from the same species or, in many instances, even from the same colony. Take zoanthids for example- observe any colony of these beloved soft corals and you won’t find two identical polyps. Most look alike, but there is always some difference between them. There are differences in size, shape, tentacle length and, the thing that we aquarists desire most, difference in coloration. I’ve seen a lot of corals since I first started photographing them and they never cease to amaze me.

Every show produces some unique gems I’ve never seen before. It’s like a never-ending supply of new subjects for the camera to capture. Plus, what better way to showcase the atmosphere of an event like Reefapalooza than through photographs of the animals everyone came to see and admire?

Welcome to the III part series of photography-heavy articles where I picked some of the best corals from the show. Enjoy!

Corals featured in this episode made possible by:

-SM Cooler Premium Corals

-Top Shelf Aquatics

-MOD Corals

-Supreme Reefs

-MO’s Reef

-Millionaire Coral

-Sky Lagoon Corals

“Fleshy” LPS corals are always in fashion.

And so are anemones/zoanthids

Those new SPS species/morphs are truly amazing

Some other gems from the show

Thanks to all the vendors for being cool and helpful!

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