ReefBrite Aquaviewer LED Magnifying Glass

ReefBrite’s LED Magnifier

Our friend at has posted a report about the ReefBrite Aquaviewer LED magnifying glass, exhibited at the Marine Aquarium Expo 2011.  Following the rave reception of the IVS Portal at 2010’s Reef-A-Palooza, magnifying optics may be the next popular trend.  The Aquaviewer was introduced earlier this year, with MAX 2011 being the first big convention to showcase this product.

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I would like to see ReefBrite add a red LED option.  Few reef organisms can view red light because the upper spectrum is filtered out quickly by seawater; Thus, sea life has evolved to exclude red light sensitivity. Red LEDs would allow for night-time viewing without disturbing the animals you are trying to observe.

The ReefBrite Aquaviewer is available now at any ReefBrite authorized dealers such as Premium Aquatics.

ReefBrite is a manufacturer of metal halide, fluorescent, and LED lighting products, including the unique twin-arc metal halide bulbs.



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