Reefloat 26 Litre Automated Water Changer

by | May 2, 2017 | Equipment | 1 comment

reefloat automatic water changerWater changes – arguably one of the most important tasks in keeping a healthy aquarium, and, unfortunately, one of the most tedious (and therefore most procrastinated).  Reefloat, the UK company founded in 2010 and specializing in automatic top-off and water changing equipment, has just announced the release of its Reefloat AWC 26 Litre Automated Water Changer, a beautifully efficient system that will do the work for you, which means you have more time to enjoy your aquarium, and less stress about remembering to schedule this necessary chore.

The new water changer has a 26 liter (6.9 gallon) capacity, which means that it will perform a 10% water change on a 232 liter (60 gallon) tank. Simply fill the unit with water and the correct amount of salt to achieve your ideal salinity, flip the switch down (for continuous run mode), insert the outlet pipe into the top of the unit, plug it in, and let the solution mix for approximately two hours. Then, insert the inlet and outlet pipes into your aquarium or pump, make sure the container is filled to the brim and completely sealed, flip the switch to up, and press the start button. That’s it!

The unit is 670 mm (26 in) tall and 300 mm (12 in) in diameter, and is in stock and available now for £ 184 ($237 US) plus shipping.

For more information, visit the Reefloat site, HERE

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  1. Les Melling

    I have been using Reefloat equipment for quite a few years and currently have an ATU and AWC. Both great pieces of kit. The AWC in particular ease the pain of water changes and is one of the best pieces of kit I own, I simply wouldn’t be without it. Add to that the after sales service is second to none.


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