I’ve been itching to do a “Reefs In Art” post as it’s been a while and I seem to be on an “art kick” of sorts myself. I’ve found a few gorgeous pieces I’d be simply delighted to share with you all, and I hope you enjoy them nearly as much as I do!

The first piece I’ll share with you is from an artist I’ve covered before, Ben Young, who creates stunning sculptures with layered glass and concrete to mimic the ocean. His website, brokenliquid.com, features a deluge of more incredible pieces. I particularly love the one pictured above with the lighthouse. The price tag on some of these suckers? A mere $8,000. Better write a few more blogs…
Next up that I’ll be sharing with you features one of my absolute favorite creatures, an octopus (enjoy those Ze Frank videos), along with another one of my favorite things, clouds! This whimsical painting (actually, I believe this piece was done in pastels) features a fluffy cephalopod writhing through piles of feathery clouds. I’d have that framed and hung in my living room in a heartbeat. This one was actually posted on the “I Love Octopuses” Facebook page, so I unfortunately don’t have a source.
Also from I Love Octopuses’ page, last but not least comes another octopus. Well, sort of an octopus. This inventive sculpture is actually pretty creepy, but still wondrous, featuring human hands instead of arms full of tentacles. As much as I like this guy, I’m quite sure if I actually owned it, I’d throw a sheet over him before bed. He looks like he’s ready to come to life, hands reaching and all.

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