It’s really astounding how much time, patience and talent goes into this sort of work on all sides. The artist, the models, the photographer. It looks excruciatingly tedious for everyone involved. Body artist Emma Fay, commended for her dedication to detail in these beastly replicas, employs a series of limber contortionists to remain perfectly still for up to six hours as she brushes and sponges their bare flesh with water-based paint.

That seriously has to tickle big time, I’m surprised they don’t end up a giggling ball of naked painted limbs once meant to resemble a seahorse. Particularly striking is the lethal Blue-Ringed Octopus, which required some seriously intimate placement to get just the right result. While it’s not reef-related, let’s throw this menacing arachnid in the mix, featuring a painfully back-bent Lowri Thomas as the subject because it’s just extraordinary.
CrabAnimal-Transformations (4)Animal-Transformations (5)Animal-Transformations (2)Animal-Transformations (3)

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