Since posting one “Reefs In Art” post earlier wasn’t satisfying enough, I ventured out in search of more Plankton Art, because let’s be honest, diatoms can be pretty adorable! Seriously, have you ever seen a cuter Christmas Card? Cleverly placed “sea angel” pteropods float amongst the stars over a glittery Christmas Tree as bells ring away. Punny, I like it. The whimsical card is the creation of Plankton scientist Dr. Richard Kirby. Be sure to check out his website, he has tons of really cool, beautiful things all over the place. This is an ongoing art project I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on, and I promise to share anything really cool I happen upon!

doliolidrollover_2 Starfish-larva-600x600 Spiny-lobster-larva-600x600article-2077363-0F3E114700000578-980_634x792

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