Christmas Edition 2019

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Before we start, I want to add a disclaimer: due to my insane holiday schedules, I was without my filming gear and I was unavailable for some of the filming. It was shot entirely on cellphones and shot a lot by friends who were involved in this project. I would like to take a moment to sincerely thank them for their generosity, their love, and their support for this project and for Adam.

For this 1 day late video, we made a surprise visit to Adam Ramjattan, where we installed a clearwater algae scrubber to give him better filteration, which will help him with tank maintenance and give him more time to just enjoy the tank and watch corals grow. Shane of 247 Aquariums also donated many members of the clean up crew, as well as some cool reef gear. We got whole bunch of corals to fill up Adam’s tank from John at The Mad Reefers; he is a very generous person, who reached out to me to make a huge frag pack for Adam.

Check it out!

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