coverage of Florida Frag Swap 2018

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For this video, we went to Weston, Florida to cover one of the premier swap shows of South Florida; Florida Frag Swap. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the show to see all the high name coral vendors as well as manufacturers and drygood vendors. It truly felt a lot more then swap , it felt like one of the bigger, regional shows. See for yourself here.


I think that Hobe Sound Corals had the best variety and selection at the show. A local favorite, they are really well known by hobbyists as a great aquaculturist that produces some of the healthiest and most encrusted corals. They had every type of coral that you can think of. Their Australian walking dendro kept on walking and moving around during the show –  it was fun to check on from time to time!

Other special mentions are JJ Corals, who had some divine message from above, Rip Tide corals, Big R Corals, and local hobbyist Matt Dudley, who had some great acros that blinded and wowed the crowd.

Be sure to check this show out next year, it will be held in Lakeland and in Weston, Florida.

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