Coverage of Global Pet Expo 2018

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For this video, we went to sunny Orlando, Florida to visit one of the largest pet expos in the US, Global Pet Expo. This show really puts into perspective how small our hobby really is, when compared to other animal industries. We went straight to the aquatic section of the show to show you guys all the latest and the greatest that our side had to offer. Here are few things that caught my eye.

1.) Fritz Aquatics – They finally released their Aquatech line, as well as PX1, a new phosphate remover that resembles a GFO but isn’t. It reduces phosphate much faster then thetraditional GFO.

2.) Aqua Plenish – Automatic water changer.

3.) Fauna Marine – Re-packaging and re-branding of their ever popular coral food and water testing services.

4.) Dr. Tim’s Aquatics – New line of bacteria that removes the algae from aquarium glass. This should be interesting to every hobbyist.

5.) CaribSea – they released a new rock formation that is truly one of a kind.

6.) ORA released new lemon damsel fish for the show.

Which one did you like the best? Let me know!

Check them out in the video!

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