Mythbusting about Phytoplanktons

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We were browsing online one day when we saw some interesting information given by a reputable company in our hobby. We were curious about the validity of their claims, so we decided to put it to the test. Does non-viable phytoplankton cause an increase in your tank’s nitrate and phosphate levels in a short period of time?

Check it out!


Edit: I made a mistake. It doesn’t change the outcome of the tests however if you look at the this section of the video here,

I made an error in converting from parts per billion to parts per million. Hanna Instrument has contacted me that in addition of diving 1000, I missed the step of multiplying by 3.066 before dividing it by 1000. For example. Pre- dosing : 129 ppb in ultra range. I converted that to 0.013ppm after rounding up and dividing it to 1000. It should have been 129 x 3.066 / 1000 = 0.395514 ppm. I wanted to address this and apologize for my mistake. I will be sure to do better on future videos.

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