Tank feature: Rogger Castells’ 265g SPS dominant reef tank

by | Nov 5, 2017 | Tanks, Video | 0 comments

For this video, we went to Weston, Florida to visit Rogger Castells of Rogger’s Reef Food’s reef tank. I’ve known Rogger for good part of the decade and I have always been in awe at his ability to put an amazing tank together. Besides John Coppolino, he is the only hobbyist I know that can keep massive coral-eating angelfish (plural) in a thriving reef tank. (In the footage of old videos, you can see a clarion angel, a queen angel, and a bunch of other fish that most hobbyists would feel uncomfortable having in their reef tanks) After a brief hiatus from the hobby due to a small medical operation, he has come back with force, and put together yet another masterpiece of tank that I want to share with you guys.


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