Monday Archives: Tank Show Off – Holla at cha reef boy!

by | Apr 29, 2024 | Tanks | 0 comments

Hello guys, it’s been a little bit since I uploaded a video.

I hope you guys are safe and most importantly, healthy during this time of isolation/quarantine.

These days, I have been extremely busy setting up a studio to take this channel in a different direction. Meanwhile, I’m continuing to reach out to the many content providers out there to show off their setups to keep you inspired, and maybe show you a thing or two to take from their setup and apply to your own system.

In my last video, Shalom (Aquaman Shalom) graced us with his beautiful system, and this week, we are presenting Thanh Truong (aka Holla at cha reef boy)’s amazing Red Sea tank. He’s been getting my attention for a while with his very slick and clean install as well as a really well thought out execution of his equipment, livestock, and placement of the animals of his tank. Oh did I also tell you that he has an impressive zoa/paly collection?

Check it out and see how this reef boy keeps his reef running in optimum and pristine condition!


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