8484736_fpx.tifIt’s no secret that I love to fill my beach abode with oceanic inspired goodies. My shopping excursions are ridiculously dorky and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve chewed your ear off more times than is acceptable about cephalopods, my love for them, and the black hole that is the Kraken Rum Shop (that day was SO expensive), so let’s carry on to a new topic before I lose your interest: Coral. So many endless decorating possibilities, seriously a slew of them, due to the sea dwelling animal’s plethora of hue variations. I mean, honestly you could find a coral to go with any room you so please. Blue, red, yellow, green, purple, all or none of the above, you name it. The linked article uses the word “gamut” which I’m going to have to remind myself to use on my own. But yea, with essentially over or around 1,400 known coral species, you won’t be at a shortage of inspiration here. On top of that, coral is a structural being, lending itself to blend well into chic, modern design themes. The ridiculously talented Michael Aram (find his stuff at Bloomingdale’s!) utilized polyps and colonies fairly often to create breathtaking designs which are nothing short of fine organic art. Fair warning: If you’re drooling over that golden shell sculpture as much as I am, it’s selling for a mere $5,000. Maybe I’ll wait for a sale, ’til then I’ll stick with the placemats and wallpaper. On top of the intricateness of coral, you have an unlimited amount of mediums to chose from – glass, resin, wood, steel, clay, paper, ink, paint, and actual coral skeletons. So go ahead, Octo-fy, or in this case, Polyp-fy your home to your liking regardless of how close you live to the beach. No one should enjoy your home more than you do.

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