Remote-Operated Submarine to Explore Great Barrier Reef depths

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Remote-Operated Submarine to Explore Great Barrier Reef depths

Project organizer Hiroyuki Yamamoto and Dr Dhugal Lindsay with the robotic submarine. Picture: MARC McCORMACK

The team comprising of Japanese and Australian engineers and scientists will explore the waters off Osprey Reef.  The submarine will explore the shallow waters and sea bed (600+ meters deep) and everything in between.

Osprey Reef is a remote open ocean reef atoll 200km (125 miles) north of Cairns, Australia – part of the Coral Sea Islands (the outer edge of the Great Barrier Reef);  Osprey Reef includes dramatic reef walls dropping thousands of kilometers to the ocean floor.  In 2005, D. Wade Lehmann writes about The Great Barrier Reef and Osprey Reef for Advanced Aquarist.

The expedition will be filmed by Digital Dimensions as part of a documentary for the BBC, co-produced by the Discovery Channel and Channel Nine.


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