My personal mission with this channel is to educate, create, and to inspire others. We do community projects involving local schools, children, museums, and more. With that having been said, those of you that follow this channel, probably recognize Adam,  who has been featured on multiple occasions.

While restricted to a wheel chair, his optimism, spunk, and love for the ocean and its inhabitants are inspiring. Like most of us, this year has been rough for Adam. He had to relocate and was forced to give up his dream tank due, to size limitations and the fact that he has been suffering headaches that put him out of commission, vomiting for entire days at a time.

This wasn’t sitting well with us or our friends, so we got together to plan and execute for him an another build that would fit into his room, so he can collect his thoughts and enjoy the beauty of marine life once more. HUGE thanks to Eshopps, Sicce, World Wide Corals, Joe Knows Reef, C &C Aquarium, Biota, TFT, and 247 Aquarium for helping to make this build a reality!

We were limited by space and time, and with covid we had to take extra precautions, so please excuse the zoomed in video (pixilation) and less-than-clear audio (couldn’t pin the mic on him) Hope you guys enjoy the video!

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