RNN Episode 082 – Aquashella Chicago 2.0

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Mysis discovery, a cool use of tech and Aquashella Chicago 2.0. This week Jeremy catches us up on the progress he is making with his build, adding in his light reactor and planning out the aquascape. Peter walks us through Aquashella and tells us all about his experience at the event. All this and more on Episode 82 of the Reef News Network!


Jeremy– Melev just posted an article on how he is using his Trident to control his calcium reactor and I am hooked. This looks like a great way to tie together some of the coolest new tech out there with perhaps the most reliable way to dose calcium to your system.

Peter– New Species of Mysis Shrimp Discovered in an Aquarium

Tip of the Week: Take care of your RODI unit, changing out your filters regularly. If you don’t have an inline TDS meter add one (you can do this aftermarket) or use a hand held unit to make sure you are in tip top working order. Main Topic: Aquashella Chicago 2.0 Interviews

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