RNN Episode 108 – Outside the Box: Exceptions to the Rule

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AquaChar, Digital Goodness and Outside the Box: Exceptions to the Rule. This week we catch up with Jeremy who has made some progress on his Apex installation and is trying to work around a few issues. Peter has made tremendous progress, taking full advantage of this time at home. All this and more on Episode 108 of the Reef News Network.


Peter- Aquachar update

Jeremy- Brilliant digital content from public aquariums. Whether you are watching for yourself our have kids at home to entertain, these public aquariums are doing great work sharing digital content. https://www.travelandleisure.com/culture-design/tv-movies/david-attenborough-narrates-great-barrier-reef-virtual-tour

Main Topic: This week we are talking about some amazing fish that don’t quite fit the conventional habits of their species. For the most part we will be discussing fish that fall in the traditional ranges of “with caution” to “not reef safe” families, that we can keep in our reef tanks. The unique members from these families that can be considered reef safe (with proper care) might be just what you are looking for. We will go over some husbandry tips to help keep them behaving, system requirements, and details about each fish.

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