RNN Episode 117 – Choose Your Own Adventure: Tips for picking an LFS or Online Vendor

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Mobius, MACNA news and Choose your own adventure: Online and LFS Selection Tips. This week Jeremy is dealing with a few minor uglies, while Peter is enjoying his new Koi Tang and getting further along in his battle against algae. All this and more on Episode 117 of the Reef News Network!


Jeremy- MACNA 2021 announced for September 3-5 in Atlanta, Georgia. MACNA 2021: Protecting our Passion. Returning to Atlanta for the first time in 13 years, MACNA 2021 will be the 33rd annual conference taking place at the Georgia International Convention Center from September 3-5, 2021.

Peter- Ecotech Marine has some exciting news for all Vortech wavemaker and Vectra pump users but not so fast! Mobius will soon be ready for primetime with all Ecotech products, including EcoSmart Live products currently in use with the ReefLink controllers. No longer will you need to purchase a $99.00 ReefLink accessory to connect Ecotech devices to the internet. Now with a simple app store download, you can seamlessly control all of your Ecotech devices through Mobius.


Ethan Fenner: An aquarium keeper that started with Freshwater and now keeps many types of aquariums from Coral systems, to fish like a 34″ Giant Green Moray, Amphibious Mudskippers, competition Flowerhorn, Koi and even a large Arowana. Starting as a Family Hobby fueled by his son’s interest it has grown to the family business; Northwoods Coral & Fish Farm LLC out of Central Wisconsin. He is dedicated to helping Reef Keepers nationwide to be successful and source healthy Fish and Corals.

Nicholas Loftus: 19 years-old, an explosive ordnance disposal technician in the USAF that has been reef keeping for 6 years. Originally began with freshwater aquariums at a very young age then discovered the reefing community. Currently keeping a 220 mixed reef along with some smaller tanks. Loves the community aspect of reefing and all the amazing people. Always looking to learn something new as the hobby evolves so quickly!

Main Topic:

The LFS has long been the life blood of this hobby; the connection to livestock and equipment and also a huge resource of knowledge. Times are changing and we would like to stress the importance of the LFS as a cornerstone of the hobby. While not everyone has access to a good LFS near them, some people have options. Online options are real and numerous. In the past decade the landscape of online vendors has changed dramatically. If you search for online coral and livestock vendors the sheer number of results is intimidating. Finding a solid reliable option is the goal, we will provide some pointers to help you find a good option for you.

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