RNN Episode 127 – You Can Find Me in Da Club

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Mexico’s Coral Protection Plan, 3D in the Reef, and You can find me in da Club! This week’s episode features a special guest, RNN’s number one fan Blaine Boone, as we discuss the ins and outs of starting your own reef club and why we think you should; all this and more on episode 127 of the REEF NEWS NETWORK!


Blaine – Coral Carbonate is a research project that involves 3D printing with calcium carbonate to create sustainable underwater “houses” for coral reefs and marine life to grow. Developed by US design workshop Objects and Ideograms, the project is intended to facilitate the restoration of coral reefs one of the most vulnerable ecosystems on Earth. https://www.dezeen.com/2020/08/06/coral-carbonate-reef-skeletons-objects-ideograms/

Peter- In Quintana Roo, the reef is a crucial part of the local ecosystem and the local economy and both are in peril. Last year the state accounted for some $15 billion of the $25 billion that tourists spent in Mexico. Now it is facing massive pandemic-driven losses. As the region slowly emerges from the coronavirus lockdown, an innovative experiment is underway to safeguard the reef and the tourism industry it helps support: A 100-mile stretch of the Mesoamerican Reef is the world’s first natural asset protected by an insurance policy. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/mexico-saving-coral-reef-hurricanes_n_5f3ee879c5b6305f32552b7c

Main Topic- Starting your own Reef Club

1. Have a Vision- a plan or goal for your club
2. Figure out the type of club you want to run- Just a group of friends getting together or a fully organized club
3. Establish Bylaws/Articles of Incorporation- Bylaws serve as the operating manual of an organization and therefore set the rules for daily operation of the club. Bylaws are public documents and are to be made available for all to see.
4. Decide on when and where to host your Meetings- Decided how often you would like to host reef club meetings as well as the venue you would like to host at.
5. Paid or non-paid Memberships- Figure out if you want paid memberships and what to offer in order for the members to feel it’s worth it
6. How to use social media – Use social media to expand your club and as an easy way to communicate with your members via FB and R2R
7. How to handle Membership Issues- Every club has its drama, and we address on how to deal with it

We talk about a wide variety of things on this week’s episode, and we hope that you find all this information helpful if you have been thinking about or have decided to start your own club.

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