RNN Episode 141 – Inky the Octo Show

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Photo gallery fun, the importance of iron, rail cars, and the Inky the Octo Show. This week we catch up with our good friend Kat and hear about her systems. Jeremy finally installed a float valve on his RODI reservoir and is enjoying his system, Peter is running his system remotely, and it’s rocking right along. All this and more on Episode 141 of The Reef News Network.


Kat- Coral reefs, like humans, require a certain amount of iron to stay healthy. While iron is an important component of human blood, in corals it supports the heath of a reef’s photosynthetic co-stars: microscopic algae.

Peter- Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced the deployment of 32 rail cars to the Fire Island and Twelve Mile reefs during the third year of New York’s historic expansion of artificial reefs off the shores of Long Island. The Governor directed this strategic deployment of donated rail cars-16 to each of the two reefs-as part of an ongoing effort to help improve New York’s diverse marine life and boost Long Island’s recreational, sport fishing, and diving industries. To date, 64 of the 75 total rail cars donated by Wells Fargo Rail Corporation in 2020 have been deployed to reefs.

Jeremy- It seems I am on a photo gallery kick. Last week I talked about some photos of corals at shows, this week it is clams in the wild. Do yourselves a favor and check out the articles: Tridacnids From the Red Sea Pt. 1 & 2 and Indian Ocean. Beautiful imagery and great info. The articles can be found on our media partner site Reefs.com and we will link to them directly.

Main Topic: Peter and MetroKat have a conversation about Inky the Octo, Kat’s Caribbean Dwarf Octopus.

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