RNN Episode 151 – The Anthias Algorithm

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A look at live rock, online workshops, and The Anthias Algorithm. This week we catch up with Jeremy who just acquired a new frag tank to sell corals from and is seeing some solid Acro growth in his display tank. Peter is enjoying the stability his system is having and loving how big his Eel and Koi Tang are getting! All this and more on Episode 151 of The Reef News Network!



February 27, 2021
The Location: Online
1 Day, 3 Speakers, 1 Workshop, 1 Panel Discussion, and More!

Adopting an online format for a mid-year gathering, mini MACNA is an opportunity for our community to come together and continue to learn about our incredible marine aquarium hobby. Mini MACNA will be held on February 27, 2021, as a webinar event, with the theme of Overcoming Challenges in Reefkeeping.

Jamie Craggs: For my talk, I’ll be covering advances in coral spawning system designs, some challenges of coral spawning at home, and tips on spawning new species, and finally, I’ll be focusing on approaches to produce new coral color morphs through selective breeding of chimeras (grafted coral) and its future potential for the industry.

Peter- Live Rocks- How they should be treated

So, the first concern is to keep them healthy and active bacteria alive, which is used in the nitrification before and the denitrification after. Our interlocutor believes that the majority of pathogenic parasites aren’t introduced with the rocks, but with the corals, so he never treats the rocks with chemical/osmotic systems, or similar.

Main Topic: The Anthias Algorithm

Anthias have mixed reviews in the hobby and with good reason! The stunning colors and patterns along with the sometimes-high difficulty level for successful keeping, make for a polarizing reputation. We believe almost every species we care for has different care levels, even on a case-by-case basis, but with good preparation you can put yourself in the best position for success! This week we will discuss an overview of the species, feeding, care, some of the types available and our favorites.

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