RNN Episode 159 – The Harem Hypothesis

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Shows-a-go what you need to know, retrofit kit, and The Harem Hypothesis. This week we catch up with Peter who is prepping the 60ga cube and riding the stable train on his main display and Jeremy has ordered his upgrade, a beast from Crystal Dynamic Aquariums is going to be making its way to CT! All this and more on Episode 159 of the Reef News Network!


Jeremy- Red Sea owners have an opportunity to receive a free retrofit cabinet support upgrade for the 2 Red Sea aquarium models. This retrofit is easy to install and does not require draining any water or the removal of livestock from your system. Currently, Red Sea provides customers a 3-year warranty as standard (from date of purchase), so owners of earlier versions that were purchased with a 2-year warranty, will be awarded the additional year of warranty (total 3 years from the date of purchase) upon installation of the retrofit cabinet support.

Peter- What you need to know RAP May 15-16

Remy’s Bahama Llama Tip of the Week: Emergency backup plans

Main Topic: Clownfish are a very popular species, with great coloration, tons of variety with wild and captive bred designer genes, a fairly small size and territory. They seem to be constantly on the offensive or defensive and will often be aggressive towards fish that venture into their territory. If you want to keep a harem there are a few things that will lead toward success.

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