RNN Episode 161 – Reef Keepers Round Table #3

by | May 11, 2021 | MACNA, Podcast, Reef | 0 comments

This week we catch up with the and Nation Team to have a great roundtable discussion about four interesting topics.

Topics Discussed:
RAP CA Canceled – can shows survive this year?
Kessil A500x light over $700 who is this for?
Red Sea Stand Upgrade, should companies do more to stand behind products?
Would you consider yourself to be an unconventional reefer?

Main Topic:

Reef Keepers Roundtable #3 With:
Jeremy St. Louis
Peter Cherrick
Brett E. Stout
Jeff Johnston
Tyler Wells
Kyle Caminita
Greg McLaughlin
Steve Russell
Dustin Thorton

Reef News Network: www.reefnewsnetwork.com


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