RNN Episode 176 – Science Ahead w/ Dr. Tim (2021)

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Red Sea Adapts, Poma Labs is at it again, and Science Ahead with Dr. Tim.

Jeremy is healing up after his incident and making progress on his basement build so he can actually start his dream tank. Peter is in the last steps before setting up the 60 cube, working on the studio and enjoying his very large anemones. All this and more on Episode 176 of The Reef News Network!

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Peter- Red Sea United States has made a fairly large change on how they service local fish stores. Effective November 1 of this year Red Sea USA will allow local fish stores to submit their orders for Red Sea’s popular line of all-in-one-aquariums directly to Red Sea. In the past stores would submit their orders to their favorite distributor with the distributor then sending the shipment to the store. However, because of the current imbalance of the supply chain Red Sea is trying to get more tanks to customers. https://bit.ly/newsPeter176

Jeremy- Poma Labs founder, Dr. Matthew L. Wittenrich, says, “I have been obsessed with Maze Angels from before I could ever afford one. The opportunity to breed them and their close relatives to see what falls out has been too tempting not to try. It has taken a while to assemble the breeders, but we have been busy. We have bred and have juveniles of: Maze x Maze Maze x Blue Phantom Blue Phantom x Blueline Blueline x Blue Phantom Blueline x Maze Experimental breeding, and investigating the outcome of these many similar crosses might yield further clues as to the origins of the Maze Angelfish while also producing new varieties for the aquarium trade. Both new hybrids will become available in the next week, with the anticipated average retail price being around $1,000 per 2-inch fish, although certain individuals and other sizes may carry different pricing.” https://bit.ly/newsJeremy176

Main Topic: Science Ahead a discussion on the new ideologies behind nitrification.

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