RNN Episode 94 – The Year End Review

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Thriving Parrotfish, a listener call and a look back at 2019. Jeremy and Peter have some good stuff going on in their respective tanks and are getting ready for some big milestones. All this and more on Episode 94 of the Reef News Network.


Jeremy: Parrotfish thrive in the wake of Reef Disasters. In contrast to most other species, reef-dwelling parrotfish put on weight and their populations boomed in the wake of severe coral bleaching. In the damaged areas of the reefs, the study found that parrotfish populations increased in number by between two and eight times, and individual fish were about 20% larger than those in unbleached sections. Almost every other species of fish was in sharp decline in the bleached areas.

Listener Call: Jake from Bellingham Wa. is having issues with his SPS, STN’ing.

Main Topic: Jeremy and Peter quickly go over The Year in Review. Happy Holidays everyone!

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