RNN Episode101 – Crusty Gold

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An intriguing gadget, foodie review and Crusty Gold. Jeremy is working on the frag tank (Peter is concerned about his plumbing job) and enjoying some great color and growth in the big tank. Peter has started the process for his basement sump upgrade slowly… finding the right metric fittings is a bit of a process. All this and more on Episode 101 of the Reef News Network!


Jeremy- The Coral Box Pump rotator allows you to take any submersible pump and create wide-sweeping flow patterns. This disperses the pump’s output into a wide swath of your aquarium, eliminating dead spots and hot spots. We’ve all had a power head make a hole in the sand bed at some point- the sweeping motion prevents water movement from being focused on one area for a prolonged period of time.

Peter- Review of Easy-Reefs Easy Mastick food.

Main Topic: Crusty Gold! Encrusting coral are characterized by low spreading growth forms that usually adhere to hard rocky surfaces, growing larger in diameter. This awesome grouping of coral has some really neat attributes that make them a great fit for many reef tanks.

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