Robert Worst, “The Diving Butcher’s”, 400-gallon aquarium [video]

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This is an amazing tank. Robert upgraded to this 400-gallon aquarium around New Year’s Eve 2010 from a 130-gallon tank and it certainly shows that he has a “salty-thumb.”  It is mainly an SPS-dominated aquarium measuring 250 cm x 80 cm x 80 cm (~ 8 ft x 2.6 ft x 2.6 ft).

Lighting consists of three 13,000 K Aqua Medic 400-watt HQI lamps and eight ATI T5 54-watt (4 special blue and 4 white) as supplemental lighting. The HQI’s run from 1 PM to 9 PM and the T5’s run from 11 AM to 11 PM. In the summer, Robert has to run a Aqua Medic Titan chiller to keep the tank temperature within range.

The system has a 100-gallon sump and the filtration system consists of a Bubble King 300 skimmer, with activated carbon, along with UV and ozone. Calcium demand is handled by a Dastaco T4 Extreme calcium reactor which can handle 2000 liter to 3600 liters of water. Limewater is also added to help maintain calcium and alkalinity demand.  A weekly 50-gallon water change is also performed.

Keep up the great work, Robert. We will certainly watch how this tank progresses.


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