Robo-clownfish, for the lazy reefkeeper near you [video]

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Robo-clownfish, for the lazy reefkeeper near you

Robo Fish, made by Takara Tomy Arts, wants to replace your clownfish with a robot version.

Maintaining a nice saltwater aquariums is hard work. You have to perform regular water changes, maintain the protein skimmer, pumps, heaters, regularly replace lights, make sure the temperature, pH, salinity, calcium, etc. are all within optimum ranges. What if you could do away with all of that work? With Robo Fish you can – at least that is what one Japanese toymaker believes.


Earlier this year, Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. demonstrated the Robo Fish at the 2012 International Tokyo Toy Show in aquariums filled with rock, substrate, and artificial plants.

Each robo-fish is neutrally buoyant and is powered by two watch batteries, which allow the fish’s tail to fan back and forth allowing it move forward, up and down through the water column in a random fashion. The movements are surprisingly reminiscent of a fish foraging for food. While the fish’s movements are not perfect, it is an interesting option for those that want an artificial tank.

Currently the fish toys are only available in Japan and will set you back ¥ 2,900 or $37 per fish.

(via Rocket News 24)


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