royal exclusiv red dragonRoyal Exclusiv will soon be releasing a new DC pump called the Red Dragon 6. The first Red Dragon 6 model to be announced is a 24 volt DC controllable model that draws only 20 watts of power at max speed. The pump has been configured as a water pump or as a skimmer upgrade for the Mini Bubble King 160 & 180 models. It will also be featured on the all new Mini 160 & Mini 180 VS18 skimmers.

The Red Dragon 6 pump volute and air intake valve (skimmer version) features a molded design rather than the CNC machined Red Dragon 1 & Red Dragon 3 pumps. Being that these parts are now a molded design it should cut down of the cost of the pumps and subsequently, the skimmers themselves. Pricing and availability hasn’t been MORE

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