Royal Exclusiv Replaces the 80 Watt Speedy with 100 Watt Pump

by | Aug 29, 2018 | Equipment | 0 comments

Royal Excusiv, known for high quality top tier products, recently released their new 100 watt Speedy Red Dragon pump. The pump is rated for higher pressure application with a max head pressure of 19 feet. The pump pushes up to 2400 gallons per hour and is fully adjustable through an external controller box that can be hooked up to a GHL or Neptune Apex controller by purchasing the Red Dragon 3 Interface Adapter.

Like the other Red Dragon 3 models, The Speedy 3 can be used in freshwater or saltwater applications. The pump can be submerged or used as an external pump for most any aquarium application where noise is a concern. The pumps are almost silent and will easily fit into most sumps return compartments. MORE

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