e. ancora LPS

E. ancora and close relatives can reach massive proportions in home aquaria

Question: “Hi guys! My husband and I really enjoy your site and the commonsense advice you always give. My question for you is about the feasibility of adding an LPS coral to an established 60-gallon soft-coral tank. We’ve been keeping soft corals successfully for a long time, and now we’d like to give stony corals a try. We’re leaning toward an anchor coral because a friend of ours (who’s moving out of town and has to break down his tank) has a really nice specimen that he’s willing to give us. Most of the space in the tank is taken up by established colonies, but there is still one rock ledge available that we think should offer adequate room and good conditions for the new coral. The light (T5s) and current should be good in this location, and we’re pretty conscientious about water quality, always keeping nitrates very low…”  MORE

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