The Longfin Black Photon Clownfish is Sea & Reef’s 13th Longfin Clownfish release to date. Black Photon Clownfish were created by pairing one of their Longfin Black Ocellaris Clownfish (also called Darwin Ocellaris) with one of their Onyx Clownfish (C-Quest line). Like the regular Black Photon clownfish, the early juvenile fish have a brownish coloration but as the fish grow larger the brown pigmentation changes to solid black. The orange coloration on the face, belly and anal fin is retained as the fish grows and matures.

The mutation that created the Longfin Clownfish came from a single fish. In December 2013 Sea & Reef’s Hatchery Manager Brandon Weik was looking into a tank of several thousand Black and White Ocellaris. He spotted a fish that looked very different than his brothers (all clownfish are born male). It had long flowing fins and was getting beaten up, probably because of its different look. The fish was isolated and later paired up.

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