Seachem Shows Us Their Newest Additions to the NutriDiet Flake Food Line

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Back in February, Seachem debuted a brand new line of NutriDiet flake food, and eventually expanded that initial offering a few months later to include a much more tailored variety. Instead of just one marine flake, for example, the NutriDiet flakes grew to three. The expanded lineup included a general marine flake (MarinePlus), a shrimp formula (Shrimp Flakes), and an algae flake (Chlorella Flakes) for fish requiring a heavy diet of algae. We got a real good look at these new foods at MACNA this year, and from what we can tell, they will definitely be a welcomed site. The foods each consist of really nice mixture of large and small flakes, making them an ideal choice for feeding every fish in the aquarium. The NutriDiet flakes are being offered in two sizes, 15 and 30g containers. Additionally, Seachem claims that they supply a nutritionally balanced diet formula that will meet all of the needs of your fish MORE: Seachem Shows Us Their Newest Additions to the NutriDiet Flake Food Line

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